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APEKX Self-Heating Ceramic Mug Set - 130°F / 55°C Optimal Temperature Control, Wireless 15W Phone Charging Pad - 12.8 fl oz/380 mL Capacity with USB-C Power Adapt (White)

Consistent Temperature Retention: With its advanced temperature control technology, the APEKX Self-Heating Mug consistently keeps your beverage at the optimal 130°F / 55°C. Enjoy every sip at its perfect temperature, any time.

Modern Elegance: Adorned in a White hue, this fine ceramic mug showcases elegance with its ergonomic handle and charmingly rounded square lid. Designed to captivate, it's where style seamlessly meets functionality.

Premium Ceramic Craftsmanship: Made of fine ceramic, the mug not only retains warmth but also ensures that the true flavor and texture of your beverage are preserved.

Modern Aesthetics with Detailing: This mug isn’t just functional – it’s a modern style statement. Its ergonomic handle paired with a chic square lid makes it a centerpiece for any setting.

All-In-One Package: Everything you need is right in the box, including the APEKX mug, heating pad, power adapter, and USB Type C cable. No additional purchases needed; it's ready to go upon unboxing.

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